Auto Industry



Super high foaming cleaner concentrate designed to cling to vertical surfaces. Provides a lubricating surface to prevent brush and wiper drag. Free rinsing, will not flash off.

Classic Car Wash

Premium concentrated car wash formulated for use in automatic wash systems. Contains special water "sheeting" compounds to force water from clean surfaces to reduce water spotting. Will not crystallize and clog spray nozzles. Dilutes with up to 60 parts water. AVAILABLE IN POWDER.

Tuff Truck Wash

Concentrated Heavy Duty truck wash specifically designed to remove diesel soot, black road grime and other greases and oils associated with large trucks. AVAILABLE IN POWDER.

Fleet Wash

Economy car and truck wash. Can be diluted with up to 40 parts water. AVAILABLE IN POWDER.

Foamy Wash

Premium concentrated specialty car wash form manual applications. Very high foam designed to adhere to the sides of the car for maximum effectiveness. Free rinsing.

Brake and Pad Cleaner

Premium ready-to-use cleaner specially formulated to quickly remove grease, oil, brake dust and other soils associated with brakes and brake systems. LEAVES NO RESIDUE and LOW ODOR.

Spray Wax

Professional formulation for automatic car washes. Can be diluted with up to 200 parts water.

Diamond Glass Cleaner

Premium quality glass and surface cleaner. Out performs Windex, guaranteed!

Meaner Green

For cleaning engines and tires. Excellent spot remover for carpets. Can be diluted with up to 60 parts water.

Vinyl Guard

High shine, superior Armor-All replacer at an affordable price. Contains no solvents, water based, will not degrade vinyl or plastic surfaces. Special UV components protect surfaces from the harmful effects of the sun.

Tire Luster

High shine, premium tire and rubber finish will withstand repeated washings, resists dirt, protects surfaces and will not "fling off", spotting painted surfaces.

Tire Guard

Gloss finish, economy tire dressing with all the fine qualities of Tire Luster.

Rain Shield

Premium windshield coating designed to quickly shed rain from auto windshields. Helps prevent "bug Juice" from sticking. Use on interior windows to reduce fogging. Resists fingerprints. Superior to Rain-X

Windshield Washer Concentrate

Premium washer fluid. Quickly removes bugs, dirt and other road films. Can be diluted up to 30 parts water.


Enzyme odor control and eliminator. Removes cigarette stench and other impossible odors quickly. Does not "mask" odors. Non-Aerosol.